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Dissolution of Marriage is now the legal name for a divorce.  It consists of several parts:  A finding of grounds, child custody, child support, division of property and debts, alimony, apportionment of attorney's fees and change of name of wife (if so desired).

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Child custody and visitation are now known as parental responsibilities and parenting time. Parental responsibilities are divided into categories of education, medical, religious and extra-curricular activities.  Parenting time is self-explanatory.  

Paternity is now called parentage in Illinois.  If a biological father's name does not appear on the birth certificate, parentage must be established before any court orders are entered regarding the child.  About $650 is required for DNA testing. 

The Domestic Violence Act of 1986 provides for Orders of Protection.  They can be:  short term, 30 days, long term and, in very rare cases, forever. For non-relatives, there are Stalking No Contact Orders, also short term and long term.

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I have served in Guardian ad Litem positions for different courts for over 20 years. Since I worked as an Assistant Public Defender for about 4 years, I had 200-300 children on my caseload at any one time. 


Grandparent Visitation is very difficult to obtain in the State of Illinois.  But it is not impossible. In addition to grandparent visitation, Illinois law also provides for great-grandparent, sibling (including step-siblings), and step-parent visitation.


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There are MANY types of guardianships.  Adults or Children.  Disabled Adults or Minors. Sole or co-guardians.  Estate or Person.  Temporary or Permanent.  Limited or Full.  Court order required or no court order required.  Let us recommend one for you.


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Criminal cases generally consist of misdemeanors, felonies and traffic cases.  Our office has handled everything from traffic tickets to a murder case that went to a jury trial of about 10 days.  THIS OFFICE DOES NOT HANDLE DUI CASES.

Ready to schedule an appointment?  Call 246-9370.  Find the category for your case.  Complete the steps listed prior to your appointment.  If you are unable to do them before your appointment, you will have to complete them at a later time; however, your case may take longer and cost more.

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